Anna Reguero thinks and writes about music, and occasionally performs it too. She is currently a PhD student in music history and theory at Stony Brook University and is often trying to make sense of music that some would say doesn’t make sense. Her research interests include late 20th and 21st century composition, postmodernism (and post-postmodernism), and, in particular, investigating the socio-cultural issues and analytical perspectives of genre-crossing in recent concert music (often labeled by the media as “alt-classical,” “indie-classical,” or even “post-classical”).

Anna is also a professional music and dance critic and arts journalist. Anna holds a master’s degree in arts journalism from the Goldring Program at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School for Public Communications. She worked as a full-time music critic and reporter for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle from 2007-2011, prior to her doctoral studies. She continues to freelance write.

Anna also holds undergraduate degrees from the Eastman School of Music and University of Rochester. She plays the clarinet, and continues to toot it on occasion with her fabulous colleagues at Stony Brook University and in other freelance settings.


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